3GP Recovery Software

-- Recovers Your corrupted/lost/deleted Digital Photos

-- Also Recovers deleted videos and audios files

-- Performs recovery within few easy steps only

-- Uninstall online map finder

-- Easily run on Windows and Mac Operating System


3GP Video Recovery :Recover Lost and Corrupted 3GP Video Files

Now a days video can be stored on any electronic device. It store the video which is in different file format like 3GP , FLV , AVI , MP4 etc. Among all video file format 3GP is mostly used by users. It is multimedia container format for video , text files and audio. It is mostly used in 3G mobile phone , digital cameras as well as in camcorders. It store the videos in the form of MPEG -10 or MPEG-4 or H.263 and audio stream as AMR-NB or MR-WB as well as in other file formats. On any streaming device and 3G mobile phones 3GP video files run smoothly and easily. For recording videos over device 3GP files have .3GP extension. Video shooting is the best and no body want to loose those memorable moments at any cost. But sometime it happens with users that they encounter problem while playing 3GP video files and video files become in accessible. This is very disheartening situation but to overcome from this situation 3GP recovery is required.

There are many reasons due to which 3GP video files become can not accessible , lost and corrupted. Memory card damage , unexpected system shutdown , improper use of device , software failure , virus or malware infection , turning of camera while camera is in process, formatting of device , improper pulling of memory card . 3GP filed also become in accessible due to occurrence of error message in digital camera like “ERR” displaying message on screen , “information” icon , error message “FEE” etc.


To overcome from data loss problem it is always recommended to create the backup of 3GP video files . So that you can easily restore all data with the help of backup after deletion and corruption of file. It also helps user to save time and money because it helps to easily store all files. Sometimes it happens when no backup is available with user when no backup is available with user they think 3GP video is not possible after deletion and damage. But it is not true . It can be recovered back but it is advice stop storing any new video when it become inaccessible because old data can be overwrite by any new data. 3gp video recovery software free download is best way to recover back lost videos. Best 3GP recovery software is the best solution to get rid from 3GP file error.

User Guide for Mac

3GP Recovery:User Guide for Mac

Step 1: Attach your camera or any external device like USB drive , SD card etc to system and after that launch the software.Under the 'Data Recovery' tab click on 'Start Scan' button or icon which is made

Step 2: After perfming the above steps all lgocal drive and volume list will get appear. Make the selection of drive for which you have to perform scannign process. At the bottom of screen there is icon of 'Start scan ' or 'Advance Scan' click to perform recovery and recover all deleted , lost audio and video files.

Step 3: Clicking on advance scan, list of supported camera specific file formats is display by 'File List'. Select the file for which you have to perform the scannign processand begin scannign process.

Step 4: After completion of scanning process , files which has been recovered will get listed on left hand side in separate folders according to category like Music , Video and Photos. In the right pane files with particular folders will get listed. In the upper right pane click on particular file to see its preview.

Step 5: Click on any files to see preview.. If you want to recover all click on all option . To recover the selected files , click on recover the selected items.

Step 6: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery can save all the files at specified location. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows the saving process.

User Guide for Windows

3GP Recovery:User Guide for Windows

Step 1: Download and install the software. Click on icon which is made on your desktop to launch the software.

Step 2: Start the scannign process after selecting the media like music , video and media files which you need to recover .

Step 3: After completion of scanning process it will show preview of files which has been recovered.

Step 4: Select media specific region after perfroming above steps.

Step 5: Choose specific file type

Step 6: After this it is easy to create image sector by selected media sector

Step 7: Choose range

Step 8: Make resume recovery from the last saved scan

Step 9: After it you can store recovered file at specific location.